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Angus Beef Burger

8 Oz Angus Patties . Add French fries $1.95
Classic Burger
Cheese, mayo, bacon, tomatoes & lettuce
Texas Burger
BBQ sauce, cheese, bacon, onion rings, lettuce, pickles & tomatoes
Swiss Mushroom Burger $6.45
Buffalo Burger
Buffalo sauce, bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato

Chicken Burgers

Add French Fries $1.95
Grilled Chicken Burger
Grilled chicken, honey mustard, provolone cheese, lettuce & tomatoes
Crispy Chicken Burger
Crispy chicken, mayo, lettuce & tomatoes
Chicken BLT Burger
Grilled chicken, bacon, mayo, lettuce & tomatoes
Chicken Cordon Bleu Burger
Chicken, ham, lettuce & tomatoes


Served with Sour Cream. Add French Fries $1.95
Grilled Chicken, Onion & Pepper $8.95
Grilled Buffalo Chicken $8.95
Chicken Bacon Ranch $8.95
Steak $8.95
Steak Combo $9.95


Beef Soup With Garlic Bread 4.95
Chicken Noodle Soup With Garlic Bread 4.95